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General Contractor - Residential Light Commercial  Expires June 30, 2024


General Contractors holding a Residential Light Commercial License are required to take 12 hours of Continuing Education. The CE credits and can be earned in the classroom and with our DVD. You can come to our classroom on a specific day and earn all the credits you need for renewal.  We offer the required learning with flexibility and ease to make it easy for you to renew your Residential Light license.


To register for our Residential Light Commercial Continuing Education class, please click the product below. You will see many choices for you to get exactly what you need. However, if there any questions or something is not 100% clear, please do not hesitate to call our office and talk to Sherri Evans. She can answer any of your questions.

Multiple License Holders 

CE Hours can be combined to satisfy all your renewals. Call Sherri Evans 678-688-9101 to find out how to meet your specific requirements with the least cost to you.


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