Who should attend ?

EPA 608 Certification card is required to purchase refrigerants from wholesalers, distributors, or manufacturers.

This is the required EPA license   If your business uses or works with refrigerants- Contractors, Business Owners, Managers, Stockers, and Technicians should all attend.

If you handle refrigerants, work on large or small appliances, air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigeration equipment, chillers, industrial process equip. etc, you must carry an EPA 608 Certification ID Card.


Why get a 608 certification card?

- Reduce employer and employee liability.- Avoid EPA enforcement actions.- Avoid hefty EPA fines.

Instill customer confidence and increase your bottom line with an "all certified EPA licensed staff".


What happens @ Same Day class?

Training, Starts promptly at 8AM. Arrive 30 minutes early. Bring only a picture ID (your favorite pen and #2 pencils optional) all materials are provided. Ourlighting bolt training ™ is lively and designed to prepare you to pass our EPA certification exam on your first try. Our method is proprietary and proven for success. Lunch break @ TBA & more test prep @ TBA. You will be ready to kill the certification exam.

Testing, EPA 100 question multiple choice exam starts promptly at TBA. Free retesting if needed.

Grading, Separate from testing, a representative of the LTA -- EPA 608 Certification Program will grade and give test results to the student shortly after the each finished exam is turned in.

 608 Certification ID Card, Separate from testing, a representative of the LTA -- EPA 608 Certification Program will issue successful students their EPA 608 Certification and issue a pocket size EPA 608 Identification Card, after grading the test.

Will I pass the exam and get my License the same day?

We have a different approach & the highest pass rate!

"Licensed Trades of America EPA 608 Certification Program" is authorized to issue immediate test results and ID cards.You will receive 608 certification and a pocket size EPA 608 ID Card on Saturday, with only a minimum overall passing score on the test or any included subtest. Will you pass? Probably, and be on your way home with card in hand by TBA. What if you fail? For the very few who fail (less than 2%), Licensed Trades of America will provide custom additional training™ and immediate retesting at no additional charge. Licensed Trades of America will provide custom additional training™ and free retesting until 9PM or the hotel kicks us out whichever comes first. Our proven method insures 100% success.

 Caution! Cheaper "Other Program" seminars boast high pass rates, but send you home without exam results, or an EPA 608 ID card. "Other Program" students actually do fail! When "Other Programs" leave town you may be out a lot of money and time, without certification. Most important; "Other Program" seminars don't offer additional chances to pass if you fail the one & only test they offer. 


Register early!  Classes fill fast!


  **BONUS, All who leave with "UNIVERSAL" will also receive our 410A certification CD and certification exam FREE,  FREE, FREE,. If class fills, payment date determines admission. Cancellations must be received before Monday of test week. Walk-ins $250 if space is available. 

Last minute substitutions of students are always OK.

Licensed Trades of America is an EPA approved 608 Certification Program.


The program office address is 325 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. suite 340, Washington, DC 20003